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PECO has always been a forward-looking family company with a long tradition of innovative thinking. The business started trading in 1946 and is now in its third generation. Although the history of the company is of considerable interest, the present management do not dwell over the past but use the knowledge as important inspiration for the development of the future.

From quite early days PECO has concentrated its manufacturing skills in the direction of producing trackwork for the model railway enthusiast. Individual component parts was how it started but this developed into HO/OO ready made track with fibre sleepers. With plastics becoming more popular in the 1960s it was decided to introduce the famous Streamline range which over the years has become one of the world’s leading brands for not just HO/OO but all scales from Z to G. 2004 saw the introduction of yet another range with code 83 rail especially developed for the HO North American market.

PECO Streamline tracks are by no means the only type of products manufactured for the model railway enthusiast. There are numerous accessories and this website illustrates the complete range and will bring you up to date with what is happening at the home of PECO.

Publishing is another aspect of the work undertaken at the headquarters of PECO. Railway Modeller, now in its 60th year continues to be Great Britain’s best loved model railway magazine with by far the largest readership. The variety of articles published each month together with a huge assortment of adverts, news and reviews make this magazine the really Big, Big read! 

Continental Modeller is also well established and is now in its 30th year. The title is of interest to all enthusiasts who enjoy learning about railways overseas; Australasia or the Americas, Continental Europe, Africa or Asia, they are all included. It’s the best possible read covering all the continents with plenty of modelling features as well as prototype scenes and of course written in the English language therefore giving it great appeal the world over.

The headquarters or PECO, located in a most wonderful coastal part of Devon, has not unnaturally attracted visitors over the years and so it is that the site has become one of the country's most important tourist attractions. The Model Railway Exhibition is there to inspire you and technical advice is on hand from one of our experts should it be needed.

This is not all, for PECO is set within beautiful gardens which are home of the famous 7.25in gauge passenger carrying Beer Heights Light Railway.  A really good educational and fun day out for all the family.  Before you make your visit obtain a copy of our free leaflet or visit our website ( which explains in detail the facilities available as well as opening and closed times, ensuring that you will not be disappointed.

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