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TT:120 Additional Wooden Sleeper

Use SL-310 metal joiners and SL-1208 joining sleepers. Use SL-311 insulating joiners to create isolated track sections (if using DCC control these are not required).

One of the great advantages of TT:120 is that the 12mm gauge track correctly scales out as standard (4' 8.5") gauge, as used all over Britain's railway network. The ingenious rail section of PECO code 55 combines strength and durability with a highly realistic appearance – In TT:120 the visible height of the rail correctly represents 113lb flat bottom rail. The flexible sleeper base is detailed with fine wood grain and spikes through British Railways’ BR1 baseplates under the rails, a combination that continues to be widely used on Britain’s railways.

Code 55

TT:120 Buffer Stop, Rail type

Plastic kit, 4 buffer stops per pack.

A craft knife, needle files and liquid poly cement are required for construction.

For use with PECO TT:120 code 55 flexible track and turnouts.

The ends of sidings and bay platforms are usually terminated with a buffer stop to prevent rolling stock leaving the end of the track. When sidings are re-laid with flat-bottom rails, as represented by the PECO TT:120 range of code 55 flexible track and turnouts, often the original buffer stops made of bullhead rail would be re-used, along with the short length of track to which they are attached. examples of this can still be seen in various locations on Britain’s railway network.

Each kit includes 4 buffer stops, including 30mm lengths of dummy Bullhead track they are attached to. Each unit locates on the end of the track and needs to be glued to the baseboard.

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