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Passengers (Pack of 6)

Equally suitable for standard 0 gauge or 0-16.5, these beautifully cast unpainted White Metal figures will bring life and human interest to your layout.

Platelayers Tools

A selection of traditional track maintenance tools, which could be put with the OP-11 Workmen figures.

Platform Tickets Machines

3 different machines commonly seen at stations; for Platform Tickets, plus a Weighing Machine, and Metal Name Punch.

Platform Trolley

The ubiquitous platform trolley.

Police Telephone Box

Based on a design of call box introduced from the 1920s, in real life they contained a phone for use by the public in an emergency, and police officers could use them as miniature police stations, with facilities inside for compiling reports, taking lunch breaks and even temporarily holding suspects until assistance arrived!

This is a nice and simple kit to assemble, moulded in appropriately-coloured dark blue, and supplied with waterslide decals to complete the details.

Porters Hand Trolley and Luggage

Trolley plus 5 pieces of luggage.

Signal Box Interior

A kit containing common objects found in any signal box, such as the comfy leather armchair, stove, token machines, desk, a shelf with various rule books lined up, a phone, a clock, and the most important items, the kettle and mug of tea.

Signal Ladders (Pack of 4)

SR/BR Station Seats

Kit for 4 seats, a post war steel and timber design which originated on the Southern Railway.

Station Platform Lamps

A simple kit to make 4 of these typical cast iron gas lamps.

Sweet and Chocolate Machines

3 different types of confectionery dispensers.

Telegraph Poles (Pack of 6)

6 Telegraph Poles, these also carried railway bell codes and phone connections between signal boxes and stations as well as GPO lines.


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