Rails of Sheffield announce Class 89 in 00 - In partnership with Accurascale

Publications Team 19 May 2020

Rails of Sheffield announce Class 89 in 00 - In partnership with Accurascale

Rail of Sheffield announce proposal for British Rail Class 89 Electric Locomotive in OO Gauge, in partnership with Accurascale!

Designed by Brush Traction and constructed by British Rail Engineering Ltd at Crewe Works in 1986, the unique Class 89 was the prototype for a planned fleet of locomotives that would take over from the HSTs on the electrified ECML and supplement existing motive power on the WCML. Unfortunately, British Rail changed its requirements before the locomotive was even completed, eventually ordering Class 90s and 91s instead. The Class 89 design was later considered for Channel Tunnel use, but was superceded by what eventually became the Brush Class 92. 


The Class 89 model will be based on Accurascale’s existing Class 92 platform, with all-wheel powered six-axle bogies and a pantograph that can be raised or lowered almost silently under DC or DCC control.

  • Highly-detailed OO scale model, 1:76.2 scale
  • Minimum Radius 438mm (2nd Radius Set-track)
  • Die-cast metal chassis
  • RP25-110 profile OO wheels with provision in bogies for re-gauging to P4/EM gauges and ability to set brake blocks in line with wheels
  • Separately-applied etched metal/plastic detail parts, including grab handles, steps, wipers, etc.
  • Scale width wire handrails
  • Etched metal pre-painted nameplates provided for customer to install (of factory fitted if possible)
  • Full underframe tank detail with brackets and pipework
  • Fully sprung metal buffers and bufferplate, factory-fitted pipework and screw couplings (for display)
  • Dummy knuckle coupler provided in polybag
  • Kinetic NEM coupler mounts at correct height and mini-tension-lock couplers
  • DCC ready [21-Pin MTX Socket] or Factory- Fitted DCC Sound options
  • High Performance traction, to include;
  • Five-Pole motor with two flywheels
  • Metal Helical Gear box for maximum performance and slow speed running
  • Gearing arranged so locomotive can achieve minimum scale top speed of 125 mph (200 km/h) - DCC ready with PowerPack capacitor for uninterrupted power
  • All wheel drive (sprung centre axle) and all wheel pickup
  • Fully detailed Lighting Pack, including:
  • Directional lighting, DC and DCC
  • Switchable Red and white marker lights
  • Separately switched cab lighting and illuminated, driver’s desk, auto/off on movement
  • Scale-sized Brecknall-Willis High Speed pantographs raised and lowered by DCC control (auto up and down operation in DC with power on/off)
  • Two quality speakers with large sound capsules for best possible sound (on DCC Sound-fitted models)

Currently Rails are registering people's interest in the project, before taking the project further, with an estimated delivery date of around 15 - 18 month once the green light is given.

Click here to register your interest;



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