Locomotion Models / Rails of Sheffield announce London & North western Railway Improved Precedent Class 2-4-0 in OO!

Publications Team 12 November 2020

Locomotion Models / Rails of Sheffield announce London & North western Railway Improved Precedent Class 2-4-0 in OO!

The partnership of Locomotion Models and Rails of Sheffield has today (12th November 2020) announced that they have commissioned Bachmann Europe Plc to produce a brand new OO scale model of the London & North Western Railway Improved Precedent Class 2-4-0 locomotive. This locomotive has never been released before as a ready to run OO Scale product and is currently at the livery approval stage, with delivery expected next Summer. 

Three versions are available to pre-order exclusively from Rails of Sheffield....

  • 35-161Z LNWR Improved Precedent Class 'Lucknow' LNWR Lined Black 2-4-0 Steam Locomotive No.1673 

  • 35-162Z LNWR Improved Precedent Class 'Novelty' LMS Crimson Lake 2-4-0 Steam Locomotive No.5036

  • 35-163Z LNWR Improved Precedent Class 'Talavera' LMS Black 2-4-0 Steam Locomotive No.5018

The price of the model is £220 and can be pre-ordered now with a deposit of £30.

Prototype Information

Technological improvements prompted the LNWR‘s CME F. W. Webb to replace 96  of the 6’6” Curved Link ‘Newtons’ and 62 of the 6’6” Straight Link ‘Precedents’ with locomotives featuring thicker frames and 150 PSI boilers. These emerged between 1887 and 1901 and became known as ‘Improved Precedents’. Though new, an accountancy contrivance meant they were considered ‘renewals’ and kept the names and numbers of the locomotives they replaced.
Gaining the nickname ‘Jumbos’ or ’Big/Large Jumbos’ because of their performance, withdrawals of the ‘Improved Precedents’ started in 1905 with the London, Midland and Scottish Railway inheriting 76 at the 1923 grouping. The last was withdrawn in 1934.
No. 790 ‘Hardwicke’ was the only example to be preserved in 1931, having become famous during the ‘Races to the North’ in 1895. It ran between Crewe and Carlisle at an average of 67¼ MPH, a record which stood for 40 years thus assuring ‘Hardwicke’ a place in British railway history. Another member of the Class No. 955 ‘Charles Dickens’ clocked up over 2 million miles, another record for a steam locomotive that has never been beaten.

The model
The OO Scale model has been developed for Locomotion Models and Rails of Sheffield by Bachmann Europe Plc.
The model incorporates a die-cast body and chassis with a set of optional traction tyre-fitted driving wheels for increased haulage capacity – (crankpin tools and spare traction tyres will be available via Bachmann Stockists). 
The model features a coreless motor, with power pick up from both the locomotive and tender wheels. Mounted inside the tender is a 21 Pin DCC decoder socket and a 11mm x 15mm ‘sugar cube’ speaker. 

All versions feature a fully detailed back-head whilst there are numerous tooling options enabling the accurate portrayal of specific locomotives during the chosen time period. Two boiler types are modelled, either with or without wash-out plugs, and both cowled Ramsbottom Safety Valves and Ross Pop Safety Valves have been catered for.

There is a representation of the inside motion whilst the front driving wheels can be modelled with either leaf or coil springing as the prototype dictates. Options are also available for plain or fluted coupling rods. Two whistle variants can be seen covering a single whistle on the roof, or two whistles on locos where alarm gear is fitted.

A working fall plate between loco and tender is provided whilst the locomotive can have either Webb or Cook style buffers and two types of lamp bracket are modelled – LNWR lamp sockets or the LMS style lamp irons.

Locomotion Models Exclusive

 As part of their growing "National Collection in Miniature" LNWR ‘Hardwicke’ No. 790 in LNWR Black (preserved as part of the National Collection), will be produced exclusively for Locomotion Models. The model is available for pre-order from the Locomotion Models website.



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