Hornby Reveal Thompson Pacific & Coronation Scot Coach Samples, plus more!

Publications Team 27 November 2020

Hornby Reveal Thompson Pacific & Coronation Scot Coach Samples, plus more!

With December almost here, thoughts are all ready starting turn to the annual Hornby 2021 range reveal. However before all that, the Margate manufacturer released a bumper update on a number of forthcoming models announced earlier this year, in the latest instalment of the monthly Engine Shed blog. 

Highlights in November edition include the reveal of the first livery samples for the forthcoming Thompson Pacific A2/2 & A2/3. As can be seen below the model captures the iconic look of these interesting Eastern Pacific locomotives.  

The samples include; 

R3830 - BR Early Thompson Class A2/2, 4-6-2, 60501 'Cock o' the North'

R3831 - BR Late Thompson Class A2/2, 4-6-2, 60505 'Thane of Fife' 

R3832 - LNER Thompson Class A2/3, 4-6-2 500 'Edward Thompson'

R3833 - BR Early Thompson Class A2/3, 4-6-2, 60512 'Steady Aim'

R3834 - LNER Thompson Class A2/3, 4-6-2, 514 'Chamossaire' 

R3835 - BR Late Thompson Class A2/3, 4-6-2, 60523 'Sun Castle'

Expected delivery date for both the A2/2 & A2/3 is late 2020 / early 2021 (subject to change).

As well as the Thompson A2 Pacifics, Hornby also revealed the first livery samples of the highly anticipated Coronation Scot coaches. Each model will feature its own built in lighting system, something previously not announced. As can be seen in the images below light looks to be very effective. 


Samples included;

R4960 LMS Stanier D1905 Coronation Scot 57' BTK, 5812

R4961 - LMS Stanier D1961 Coronation Scot 57' BFK, 5052

R4962 - LMS Stanier D1960 Coronation Scot 57' FK, 1069

R4963 - LMS Stanier D1912 Coronation Scot 50' RK, 30084

R4964 - LMS Stanier D1902 Coronation Scot 65' RFO, 7507

R4965 - LMS Stanier D1981 Coronation Scot 57' RTO, 8961

Expected delivery date for all variants is Spring 2021. Naturally we look forward to bring a full review of these eye-catching coaches, paired with the iconic streamlined Coronation Class for which they were built.

However, one of the most impressive decorated samples to be revealed was that of the newly tooled British Rail Class 91, 91111 'For the Fallen'. Model captures the intricate and emotive vinyls carried by the prototype. 

For more details on these projects plus more, check out the latest instalment of the Engine Shed Blog on Hornby's website.



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