Hornby Bumper 2021 Project Update! - Ruston 88DS / BR Std 9F / BR Mk4s

Publications Team 29 January 2021

Hornby Bumper 2021 Project Update! - Ruston 88DS / BR Std 9F / BR Mk4s

Following the announcement of the Hornby 2021 Range earlier this month (see February 2021 Issue of RM for more details), the Margate based manufacturer has released a bumper update on a number of forthcoming projects in its latest Engine Shed blog.

Ruston Reveal

Highlights include the first livery samples for the forthcoming Ruston 88DS. The models will cover both the 17 Ton & 20 Ton variants of the the class, with the latter featuring the additional weights built into the frame. Two early EPs were also shown, showcasing a number of other tooling options, including a different cab design.

The samples include; 

R3894 - North British Distillery Co. Ruston & Hornsby 88DS, 0-4-0, No.4

R3895 - Rowntree's & Co. Ruston & Hornsby 88DS, 0-4-0, No.3

R3896 - BR Green Ruston & Hornsby 88DS, 0-4-0, No.84

R3897 - BR Blue Ruston & Hornsby 88DS, 0-4-0, No.20

The models are nearing the production samples stage, with a few minor changes still to be made. Look out for a full review in Railway Modeller magazine in due course.

CAD - BR Std 9F / Gresley P2 & Mk4 Trailers

The blog also included a number of CAD reveals, including a first look at the all new BR Standard 9F 2-10-0, Gresley P2 2-8-2 and MK4 Trailers & DVTs.

The 9F was one of the biggest surprises of the 2021 range. As stated in our February issue, Hornby has sought to try and make it possible to produce almost all variants of the 251 strong class, including No.92167 (as depicted in the CAD image below), which was fitted with a mechanical stoker and BR1K tender.

The first CADs for the new Gresley P2 2-8-2 were also showcased. Unlike the previous Railroad version, these newly tooled models will cover previously un-released versions of the class including those with Walschaerts valve gear and members fitted with the iconic Bugatti nose, as well as new-build No.2007 Princes of Wales.

The CAD shown depicts No.2002 Earl Marischal fitted with Walschaerts valve gear and additional second pair of smoke deflectors.

Following the announcement of the British Rail Class 91 in 2020, a suite of newly-tooled Mk4 trailers and accompanying DVTs were announced as part of the 2021 range. The tooling for these vehicles is due to be on par with the 91, featuring previously unrepresented class members to build up a full rake, as well as covering Class 67 hauled services operated by Transport for Wales.

The first CADs of just some of these vehicles planned for release have been revealed, including the Mk4 Standard End coach, restaurant car and DVT.

For more details on these projects plus more, check out the latest instalment of the Engine Shed Blog on Hornby's website.



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