Hornby APT livery sample breaks cover, Midland Pullman update & more!

Publications Team 26 March 2021

Hornby APT livery sample breaks cover, Midland Pullman update & more!

Hornby has shown further progress with the development of a number of its new tooling projects in the manufacturer’s latest Engine Shed blog.

APT Livery Sample Breaks Cover!

One of the highlights has got to be the first livery samples of the forthcoming British Rail Advanced Passenger Train (APT-P), finished in striking Intercity Executive livery. Due for release as part of a seven- or five-car pack, the models will feature directional lighting, a 5-pole motor and operational tilt mechanism.

The sample showcases a number of feature including the articulated bogies and central pantograph, which mounted directly to the bogie; these will remain level while the rest of the train body tilts, as per the prototype).


Midland Pullman Power Car Update

The Margate manufacturer has also revealed CAD work confirmed the inclusion of the top central headlight on the forthcoming Midland Pullman HST power cars. This feature is unique the pair of Class 43s, operated by Locomotive Services Limited, which sport the eye-catching Nanking Blue livery, replicating that of the original Midland Pullman.

BR Std 9F 2-10-0 Progress

Further CADs and the first stereo 3D printed sample of the BR Standard 9F 2-10-0 were also showcased. The renders provide a more detailed impression of how the final models will look, highlighting just some of the complex details which the manufacture plans to incorporate into the model.

Unlike the CADs, the 3D printed sample is an amalgamation of a number of planned tooling inserts. Alternative details planned include various ATC/AWS set ups, early and late ash-pans, plus a regional variations for the Western Region 9Fs, as well as the five different tender options. The model illustrated features a single chimney, a feature which is not available on currently versions announced.

For more details on these projects plus more, check out the latest instalment of the Engine Shed Blog on Hornby's website.


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