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Monday 10th January 2022 saw Hornby announce their 2022 range. Despite continuing disruption in 2021, Hornby have been pressing ahead with several newly tooled items for 2022, as well as a whole host of new liveries and running numbers across the board.

Steam Locomotives

Topping the bill for steam-outline projects from all-new tooling is the Stanier Class 5MT 4-6-0. The tooling for this all-new model is set to cater for various detail differences, with the potential for all members of the 842 strong class to be produced, including examples fitted with Caprotti valve gear.

Also all-new tooling, and continuing with theme of one off and unique locomotives, comes the announcement of a pair of Stanier modified Princess Royal Class ‘Turbomotive’ models. Tooling will feature differentiating embellishments, such as boiler fitting arrangements and smoke deflectors, with speciations set to include a 21-pin interface and operating headlamps.

The Realism of Steam

The 2022 range is set to herald the arrival of realism of a different kind, in the form of DCC sound fitted steam locomotives that are equipped with a new steam effect feature. Comprising a generator that uses water to eject vapour from the chimney, this feature has been developed so that the 'steam' can be emitted in synchronisation with the speed of the model and DCC sound functions.

Initially, three models are set to receive the system include; Gresley A3 pacific No.60103 Flying Scotsman in BR lined green with early emblems, new-build P2/1 replica - presented as No.2007 Prince of Wales in LNER lined apple green and Stanier Class 5MT No.44726 in BR black. 

Diesel and electrics

Modern traction enthusiast are treated to a plethora of new and revised tooling.

All-new tooling see the addition of the Stadler Rail built Class 755/3 and 755/4 ‘Flirt’ bi-mode multiple units, with two versions of three-car 755/3 and four-car 755/4 planned.

A suite of new HST power cars are to be released from new tooling; incorporating day and night lighting mods, floor mounted articulated close coupling system, twin sugar cube speakers and 21-pin interface. To complement these new power cars, a suite of all new Mk.III ‘Slam Door’ coaching stock is also to be produced.


Industrial enthusiasts can look forward to the Sentinel 48-ton 0-6-0DH, with the initial trio of releases will be presented in a selection of eye-catching private owner liveries.

Further releases of the popular models, such as the British Rail Class 31, Class 50 and Class 60 are are set to receive a 21-pin upgrade, while the firm's Class 423 4-VEP four-car Electric Multiple Unit also makes a return with revised tooling. 

Train Packs

Highlights amongst the train pack releases are a suite of Hitachi AT300 units, with addition trailer pack now also to be offered, allowing for a prototypical nine-car LNER Azuma or GWR IET to be formed.

Rolling Stock

Arguably the headline act for rolling stock in the 2022 program is the Art Deco LNER streamlined Coronation coaches, with the full nine coach articulated set - including ‘beaver-tail’ observation car - to be offered. Coaches will be supplied as articulated twin-packs, comprising; Brake Third & Kitchen Third; twin Open Firsts; Open Third & Kitchen Third; Open Third & Brake Third - with Observation car No.1729 as a stand alone item.

The Hornby range of generic four- and six-wheel coaches continues to expand with five more pre-Grouping, pre-nationalisation and BR colour schemes confirmed, with stand-out liveries including S&DJR Prussian blue and BR departmental blue & grey.

Also from new tooling are a pair of GWR Loriot Y machinery trucks, available in GWR and BR guises, and further examples of Liverpool & Manchester Railway goods stock.

Trains on Film

Also announced is a new series of Limited Edition models - titled ‘Trains on Film’ - which focuses on locomotives, rolling stock and vehicles which have taken a starring roll on the silver screen; with inspired set/models including The Lady with a Lamp, The Titfield Thunderbolt and The Railway Children Return.

Tri-ang Railways Remembered

2022 marks the 70th anniversary of launch of the Tri-ang Railways brand, with a selection of commemorative train sets and products planned.

The Hornby Dublo brand is also set to expand with the addition of a pair of Gresley A4 pacific - incorporating a new die-cast body tooling - as well as a number of new livery release; each limited to just 500 pieces.

So there you have it, we hope you enjoyed this short Railway Modeller preview of the Hornby 2022 range. This is just a small taster of just some of the new products and liveries due for release this year.

As always, we hope to bring you all the latest news and developments on these products, as well as bring you the latest reviews as and when they become available.

For more details on the full range be sure to read our full Hornby 2022 Range report in the February 2022 issue of Railway Modeller on Sale from January 13th.



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