BACHMANN WINTER 2020 ANNOUNCEMENTS - DCC Sound / Scenecraft / EFE Rail & much more!

Publications Team 03 November 2020

BACHMANN WINTER 2020 ANNOUNCEMENTS - DCC Sound / Scenecraft / EFE Rail & much more!

Tuesday 3rd November 2020 saw Bachmann announce the 4th and final instalment of their new quarterly range release schedule for 2020. This month announcements saw a plethora of new liveries in both the Graham Farish and Bachmann Branchline ranges, including a wide selection of Scenecraft Builds in both N & OO.

Brachmann Branchline 

The popular LB&SCR H1 & H2 Atlantics has made returned to the range in a selection of new liveries, including elegant LB&SCR Umber & eye-catching Southern Malachite Green (available in both DCC Ready & DCC).

Two new liveries for the British Rail Class 57/0 have also been announced; these cover 57009 in DRS Compass (Original) & 57313 in West Coast Railway Company Maroon (available in both DCC Ready & DCC).

The British Rail Class 108 DMU is also making a return to the range. This 2-Car Unit comprising DMBS No. M50946 and DTLC No. M56229 will be finished in BR Green (Speed Whiskers) and featuring destination blinds for Bletchley and Cambridge.

Bachmann have also added Sound Fitted versions of their soon to be released 94XX Pannier Tanks and popular Class 117 DMUs to the range. 


Graham Farish

Graham Farish has expanded its Sound Fitted range further this Winter with the reveal of six new Class 31 locomotives with factory fitted DCC Sound. Each model will feature a wide selection of sound functions, with motion, automatic and randomised sounds also operating on analogue control (DC) straight from the box.

Functions List;

  • F0 - Directional Lights
  • F1 - Engine Start / Sound (On / Off)
  • F2 - Brake (Non-Latching)
  • F3 - Single Horn (Speed and Direction Related)
  • F4 - Two-Tone Horn (Speed and Direction Related)
  • F5 - Light Engine
  • F6 - Engine Idle
  • F7 - Speed Lock
  • F8 - Cold Start (F8 On before F1)
  • F9 - Flange Squeal (Speed Related)
  • F10 - Despatch Whistle
  • F11 - Buffering Up
  • F12 - Coupling Up
  • F13 - Compressor
  • F14 - Spirax Valves
  • F15 - Cooler Group Fan
  • F16 - Primer
  • F17 - Auto Wagon Buffering (F17 On / F5 Off Only)
  • F18 - On - Driver’s Door Opening / Off - Driver’s Door Closing
  • F19 - Fade All Sounds
  • F20 - Directional Lights Off - No.1 (Fan) End
  • F21 - Directional Lights Off - No.2 (Non-Fan) End
  • F22 - “Right o’ way”
  • F23 - “Going under”
  • F24 - Station Ambience
  • F25 - Detonators
  • F26 - Shunt Mode
  • F27 - Volume Down
  • F28 - Volume Up


A wide range of buildings and accessories have joined the Scenecraft range in both OO & N. These include the ‘Lucston and Wigmore’ range in OO featuring a number of quintessential buildings ideal for town and rural scenes. The range includes a selection of railway related structures, as well as charming watermill. 

Wroxham's historic timber-framed signal box (situated adjacent to Hoveton and Wroxham Station in Norfolk) has also joined the range. The model captures all the charm of the original box, with its Swiss chalet style wooden slatted structure, grey tiled roof and upper floor veranda complete with intricate handrails.

Iconic structures such as the impressive Coaling Tower & Gasometer also make a return to the range in N, along witha selection of low relief town builds and a quaint 'Chocolate Box' Thatched Cottage.

EFE Rail

The previously announced EFE Rail brand has also seen a wealth of new products added to its lines. These included Kernow Model Rail Centre's LSWR Beattie Well Tank 2-4-0 in a selection of previous un-released liveries, including Southern Lined Black & Southern Green. 

 Kernow's LSWR 2 Car Gate Stock Set also joins the range, available both Southern and BR Liveries. 


Releases from the Heljan range include a four Class 58 in selection of exclusive liveries to the EFE Rail range, with pristine & weathered samples.

Cargowaggon also makes a return in a selection eye-catching liveries, including Taunton Cider,  Blue Circle Cement and more.


Kernow Model Rail Centre's popular JIA Nacco Wagons are also set to be released in for the first time in N. Like the previous announced 00 variants the initial releases will cover variety of liveries and weathered finishes. 

Rounding off the announcements is the BR 20T Ballast Plough Brake "Shark" Wagon in N. Initial releases will include four different British Rail departmental liveries.



As always we plan to bring your full coverage of the entire Bachmann Winter 2020 Range in a future edition of Railway Modeller, as well as a closer look at these exciting products as they arrive! 

Stay tuned! 




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