Resurgence of model railway hobby sees PECO’s launch of the much-loved but long-forgotten TT:120 British outline scale

PECO Team 06 June 2022

Resurgence of model railway hobby sees PECO’s launch of the much-loved but long-forgotten TT:120 British outline scale

One of the world’s leading model railway manufacturers PECO, has announced the launch of its new TT:120 scale model railway track and accessories. 'TT' an historic acronym for Table-Top’ was designed to meet the demands of true scale railway modelling within the space restrictions that many enthusiasts encounter when building their layouts. As a result, PECO’s reintroduction of 1 :120 scale factors in all of the detail of much larger scales, yet with the smaller scale assembly benefits of moderate spaces and simplified scale benefits of 1/10 th of an inch to a foot. A significant benefit of TT 1:120 is that it provides an accurate scale to gauge ratio for British outline models compared to other commercially available scales on the UK market.

TT was first introduced in the USA by Hal Joyce of H.P Products in 1945, a year before PECO was founded in the UK, by Sydney and Claudine Pritchard. Indeed Mr Pritchard had also conducted experiments in producing British outline models in 1:120 scale but in 1957 Tri-ang launched its own version of TT adopting the same gauge of 12mm, but with an increased scale of 1:101.6 (3mm to 1ft).

The decision to adopt a larger scale was taken to accommodate the larger mechanisms of the time, owing to the smaller size of British prototypes. It grew in popularity over the next several decades and went on to become extremely popular in Central and Eastern Europe, before being eclipsed by the smaller N Gauge.

PECO’s launch of this once-loved scale has come through a surge in demand from collectors as well as a personal passion of its Managing Director, Ben Arnold, who comments:

“I’ve always wanted us to offer a true 1:120/2.54mm scale 12mm gauge track and accessories, to fill this gap in the market and bring back the true-to-scale format. As we have our own UK-based manufacturing operation, we are able to do this to the highest standards that we require and within a relatively short space of time.”

The PECO TT:120 product range will initially include; Streamline Flexible Track and Medium Radius Turn-Outs, a Signal Box Kit, a GWR Country Station Kit, a GWR Goods Shed Kit, Platform Kits & Buffer Stops. Additional lineside components, accessories and rolling stock are set to follow.

PECO's TT:120 Track & Accessories will be available to buy in stores in June 2022.

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PECO (Pritchard Patent Product Co Ltd)

PECO is a British manufacturer and promoter of model railway track and accessories, which has been in operation for over 75 years, and exporting to over 30 countries worldwide. Based in Devon, PECO employs over 150 staff and designs and manufactures all of its products at its headquarters in Beer.


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