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BR/RCH 9 foot Wagon Chassis kit (Unfitted) - Morton Brake

Kit and scratch builders accessory; as included in the 16 ton Mineral Wagon kit PC21.

British Railways 13 Ton Steel Body Hopper (LNER)

Over 2,600 of these wagons were built for use on British Railways, between 1949 and 1953. They became synonymous with the North East Region, where coal drop staithes were commonly provided in the station goods yard, so a bottom-discharge hopper was the obvious type to use. Although intended for transporting coal, in later life they became more nomadic around the UK and were used for carrying other materials such as stone and sand. The last examples lingered in service until the early 1980s.

Coach Seats

Supplied with pre-coloured parts although painting can add realism; glue is required to complete this model. This pack contains enough seating for an 8 compartment coach - 520mm.

Coal Loads for Bachmann (TM) 16ton Mineral Wagon

Pack of 3.

Coal Loads for Bachmann (TM) MEA Mineral Wagon

Pack of 3.

Coal Loads for HBA/HEA Hopper Wagon

Pack of 10.

Coal Loads for Hornby (TM) 20/21ton Wagons

Pack of 3.

Coal Loads for Hornby (TM) MGR Hopper Wagons

Pack of 10.

Coal Wagon Loads for Bachmann, Dapol or Replica (TM) 24ton Hopper Wagons.

Pack of 3.

Corridor Connections

Pack contains 1 pair, essential detail for all model corridor train stock.

Coupler (Auto) Magni-Simplex

A superb auto coupling designed for magnetic operation using the special uncoupler SL-32
• Allows a vehicle to be lifted straight from within a train without derailing adjacent vehicles
• Delayed action feature - after uncoupling, a vehicle can be pushed to any position
• Supplied complete with spring, screw and adaptor moulding

Coupler (Auto) Simplex

The original metal coupling designed for use with the SL30 uncoupler, allows a vehicle to be lifted straight from within a train without derailing adjacent vehicles.


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